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Since establishing his business in 1980, the WILDCARD Business Solutions Inc firm has been offering a wide range of services in areas that range from accounting and taxation to consulting. Much of our work consists of providing sound taxation and financial advice to individuals and small businesses, and assisting them in their financial activities as corporations, trusts, estates or partnerships. Our many years of experience mean that we’ve tackled a great variety of projects and problems, and we have successfully represented our clients before the Canada Revenue Agency, at the appeals level, and even in court.

Our state of the art computer-aided tax research is capable of completely covering income tax and GST issues, and we offer these services to a diverse client base with businesses in a wide variety of industries and professions. Our goal is to help you take charge of your earnings, which is why we provide you with resources, self-employment forms, rental income forms and moving expense forms, as well as a wealth of other useful information.

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